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Kelly leaving to go to his new home with Allyn and Kim Schafer on Angel Island, but Bill isn't quite ready to part with him. See update below.

Here come Michael and Noelle
To say byyyye
Looks like Allyn is going to enjoy Kelly's company
And they're off!


Kelly with his new pals

Check out Kelly's new back yard!!!

Kelly enjoying he party

Update on Kelly--- He bit Allyn several times hard (We're talking blood here). I guess no one had asked his opinion on this new set-up. However, he changed his tune after Allyn and Kim left him to go on a little trip. Kelly got lonely, and was pretty glad to see them when they returned. Stay tuned for more on Kelly's adjustment to his new life.

Update December 2005
Word has it that Allyn and Kim had a party, and Kelly was having as much fun as anyone! Michael Moardzadeh took these pictures above with his cell phone.